Footwork and Swing

Reigi - bow

Japanese commands/terminology - Rei, counting 1-8,

Fitness exercises, kendo games that improve focus and attention

  • No bogu, no hitting between students

Sample 45 minute for kids

A) Name game, jog, warm up,

B) half start at cone/ladder, other side jump over the pool noodle (circle format). Grab shinai.

C) line up and mokuso (meditation) - Ask kids to cite “be safe, respectful, responsible, and kind”

Break off into groups

a) 足さばき (foot work) - push with a tip of shinai and move forward (slow) forward, back, turn around and forward, turn and forward (quick)

b) kamae (defensive and offensive kendo stance) - check for proper posture, foot, hand, eye, balance etc.

b) variation of hits i.e. men, men, men continuously - two single form lines, who is louder, pace variation. Must be same time

Form pairs and do kirikaeshi (set form of sayu men)

Water break (sensei wear men)

Hitting target (men, kote, do, kote men)

Preview challenge item for next class (i.e. sayumen)

Q + A: i.e. how do you score a proper hit during a tournament?

Line up and mokuso / bow / finals words

Ask kids to cite “be safe, respectful, responsible, and kind”

Check to make sure shoes were lined up