This will be updated as we get more questions

Will I be able to take the shinai home?

Each student must show responsbility before being able to take his/her shinai home. They must understand the shinai is a tool and not a weapon, and show respect to their shinai (sword), sensei, parents, dojo, and home.

What is the uniform that people are wearing?

This is called keikogi (loose fitting thick coat) and hakama (pleated loose fitting pants) This will not be needed during the introductory class. We may have a test at the end so the children will earn their uniform. The cost for both pieces of clothing is ~ $100

How long does it take to get bogu (armor)?

Depends on the student. In general, we like to have good basics before even thinking about bogu

Will my child get hit?

No. There are no activities where children will be hit during no bogu stage.

The AUSKF renews their members every April. Why is that?

The AUSKF does their annual drive every April due to the complexity of membership signup. Unfortunately we are not able to get a prorated rate, and membership is mandatory to practice kendo in the US.