Kids Class Information 

Kids Kendo 

Kids Class

Beginner Kendo Classes  (ages 10+, and 9 and under)

Please sign up for beginner kendo classes and email us at  While we do not always offer beginner classes every quarter, your interest may change when we offer the next class.   Subject to Sensei availabilty*.  Parents and siblings are encouraged to join. 

(*Sensei are volunteers and not paid) 

Ages: 10+

Ages: 9 and under waiting list

*Parents must be present during class.  We have had some parents who started kendo as a result!

*Sensei are volunteers and not paid.  

Focus: basics (footwork/manners/swing), discipline, respect, friendship, and culture through the way of the sword.

Mask optional. No armor needed... yet!


Kids Intermediate and Advanced program

Monday and Wednesdays   5:15 pm - 6:15pm, or 6:15pm - 7:15pm or 8:15pm (depends on age and experience)

Location: Camas Community Center, 1718 SE 7th Ave Camas WA

Please inquire at for information.  We are a growing dojo and things may change.

 Let us know you are interested!