Waiver Forms

There are 3 waiver forms for kendo

  1. Camas Kendo Dojo waiver form

  2. Camas Community Center waiver form on the day of attendance

  3. PNKF/AUSKF waiver form

Camas Kendo Waiver Form

Camas Kendo Dojo Waiver Form.pdf


Step 1: AUSKF/PNKF Registration: www.unitedstateskendo.com

Step 2: Sign Membership Agreement: https://waiver.smartwaiver.com/v/pnkf2021membership/

What are the benefits of membership?

  • Access to PNKF events

    • Promotions

    • Tournaments

    • Seminars [FYI: PNKF is planning to hold some online in the next few months]

  • Ability to take advantage of PNKF open-door practice policy

  • Access to AUSKF events

    • National and other regional tournaments

    • Seminars

  • Liability insurance (Even our online Zoom practices are covered by this insurance)

    • Required by some practice spaces and for all-PNKF events


More detailed instructions for the membership registration process:

STEP 1: AUSKF/PNKF Registration www.unitedstateskendo.com

Log in to your account and then register for 2021 and pay the membership fees

A. Create Online Account (only if you don’t already have one!)

Choose “Create Account” from the “Log in” menu at the top right of the screen.


  • If you already have an AUSKF ID:

    • You need to have your ID number on hand.

    • Make sure you check your dojo name in your profile.

    • Please add emergency contact information. (Marked as optional, but PNKF would like this information)

  • If you’re a new member

    • Please include emergency contact information. (Marked as optional, but PNKF would like this information)

    • Parents:

i. If filling it out for a child, uncheck the “I’m creating this account for myself” check box. By law, a child under 13 cannot create their own account. A parent or guardian must do it in their stead.

ii. If you have more than one child and are not yourself a member of AUSKF, you must create a separate account for each child. You may use the same email address for each of them.

iii. If you have an AUSKF number and you have one or more dependents who have started kendo, Iaido, or jodo, you may add them as a dependent to your account. Choose the “Dependents” menu item on your profile screen.

B. PNKF/AUSFK Registration

1. On the home page of unitedstateskendo.com, begin the process by clicking the “Check My Membership Status” button in the “Membership Dues” box.

2. Click the Edit button to open your profile details. Please add phone number and Emergency Contact information. (No need to give us your home address.)

3. Once you’ve filled in all your data and moved through the Waiver and Membership pages, you can choose to “Register (And Pay Later)” or “Register (and Checkout)”. Clicking either choice results in your registration data being saved.

a. If you choose to pay later, please submit your payment to your dojo.

b. If you choose to check out, you will have the opportunity to pay with a credit card. Note that no fees will be added for data-handling or dues processing.

4. Note that if you are a new member, you are immediately assigned an AUSKF ID number. You can find your ID number in your profile. Make note of it, since you’ll need it for the PNKF Membership Agreement form (Waiver).

STEP 2: PNKF Membership Agreement form


· All members must sign the PNKF Membership Agreement form.

· Note that a parent/guardian can fill out the waiver for one or more minors and/or themselves.

· Open the form by clicking the above link. Follow the prompts to sign the form.

· Note: To complete the process, you must confirm your email address by clicking on the link provided in an email sent to you from “Pacific Northwest Kendo Federation.”