Terminology and Study Points

Shinai - bamboo stick (sword)

Sensei - teacher

Dojo - place of practice

Rei - bow

Hai - yes

Seiza - sit

Shomen ni rei - bow to front of dojo (or stage)

Mokusou - start meditation

Yame - end/stop

Sonkyo - squat

Men - head strike

Kote - wrist strike

Dou - body strike

Onegaishimusu - please, something you say when you asking for something (i.e. practice) or to learn something

Arigatou gozaimashita - formal way to say thank you


Bringing everyone together to respect the traditions of kendo

Shoes off at entrance and lined up neatly

Bow when entering dojo (onegaishimasu) and exiting (arigatou gozaimasu to show appreciation to dojo and members)

Our dojo values greeting and appreciation to each other and the dojo.