Camas Kendo Dojo

Kendo is for adults and kids!

Beginner Class Fall 2022 is full with 34 beginners!!

January - March quarter 2023 sign up now available

Click here for more details on the adult/youth beginner class or the kids beginner class. Please email us at if you have any questions

Special Event:

All day Kendo Workshop at Camas Community Center on Saturday Dec 3, 2022

Workshops time slots are based on experience. It will focus on competition, swinging, kendo philosophy, footwork, striking technique (waza) and jigeiko (sparring). Please refer to the email from your dojo.

Want to try kendo? Free introductory class Dec 3, 2022 1:30pm. Please email us for more info at

The Camas Kendo Dojo started after a child of two long time kendoist parents indicated an interest to learn kendo in the Camas community and spread to interested school classmates. Kendo, a Japanese martial art, is literally translated as "the way of the sword", and originated from the swordmanship of the samurai - fearless warriors of feudal age Japan. Through the sword, the samurai not only trained to become skilled but learned to respect for one's opponents and live a life of discipline and honor. In modern day kendo, it was developed along side the Japanese education system with the goal of helping children to learn and practice perseverance, focus, etiquette, and respect. Kendo has become an international martial art enjoyed by many practitioners of all ages. The Camas Kendo Dojo was founded in July 2022.

Our classes are unique as we not only teach kendo, but we try to incorporate things that we feel are important in a child's development. Some examples include:

  1. Manners - importance of greeting others

  2. Culture - learn Japanese language and cultural background from Japan

  3. Respect - to each other, dojo, parents, sword and sensei

  4. Confidence - eye contact, hands out of pocket, posture

  5. Perseverance - Kendo is hard. Life is hard. Kendo is not about winning or losing but how to improve one self and never give up when things get tough.

In the beginner class, members will learn:

  • The etiquette of kendo: how to bow, when to bow, greeting your teachers, responding loudly to questions, and more.

  • Basic terminology: Counting, kendo vocabulary, Japanese commands

  • How to hold the shinai (practice sword): Basic (chuudan) stance and resting stances.

  • How to swing the shinai (practice sword): How to cut the three basic targets.

  • Basic footwork: Slide step, fumikomi (stomping) step.

  • Basic attacking: Combining cutting and footwork to complete a full attack.

  • Receiving strikes for a partner: Hitting a partner and receiving for a partner with your shinai. This will not be part of this curriculum at this time.

In September 2022, an adult / youth beginner class will be offered to the community.

First Camas Kendo Dojo Team at the 2022 PNKF Taikai.

Congratulations to Ai Sensei for placing first in the women's black belt division and to Andrew for placing 3rd in the 0-4 kyu division