The Camas Kendo Dojo (non profit 501c3 status) started after a child of two long time kendoist parents indicated an interest to learn kendo in the Camas community and spread to interested school classmates.  Kendo, a Japanese martial art, is literally translated as "the way of the sword", and originated from the swordmanship of the samurai - fearless warriors of feudal age Japan.  Through the sword, the samurai not only trained to become skilled but learned to respect for one's opponents and live a life of discipline and honor.  In modern day kendo, it was developed along side the Japanese education system with the goal of helping children to learn and practice perseverance, focus, etiquette, and respect. Kendo has become an international martial art enjoyed by many practitioners of all ages.  The Camas Kendo Dojo was founded in July 2022.  

Our classes are unique as we not only teach kendo, but we try to incorporate things that we feel are important in a child's development.  Some examples include:

In the beginner class, members will learn:

In September 2022, an adult / youth beginner class was offered to the community.  Since then, we have had a beginner class in April 2023 and another in November 2023.   There has been strong interest in kendo in the SW Washington and Portland OR areas.  The next beginner class will be dependent on sensei availability and interest from the community and expected in October 2024.

Our continuing members have created a bonding group and now wear bogu (armor) They have learned kendo etiquette, trained for tournment sparring, challenged promotional exams that grade their skill, and applied kendo to their everyday lives.  Kendo is life long learning.